Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rainbow socks

Ironically, the only item I made especially for San Diego County Fair knitting competition, haven't got any prizes. Nevertheless, they are my favorite socks so far.
That is the second pair I made, using this genius, by any means, pattern: Exotic Whirlpool by Natalia Vasilieva. This socks knitted flat and grafted afterwards, thats why you need just one afternoon to make them. Great Christmas present idea for busy knitters, I would say.
For the project I choose Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. Well, I have mixed feelings about this yarn. It is heavenly soft, has beautiful vibrant colors and great yardage. On the other hand, I found frequent spots of unevenly spun yarn and in the middle of on ball there was a knot and after this break, sections of colors went in opposite direction. Bummer! I had to rewind half of the ball by hands and carefully adjust the color repetition. Yarn also doesn't frog nicely. Similar to Lopi, it is breaking easily when you are trying to unravel it.
But I am very happy with this socks. They came out so cute and funny!

First attempt was to name them "Out and proud", but since there is nothing to do with me, I decided against this name)). 

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