Sunday, August 31, 2014

How I spent my summer holidays

Do you remember those essays we had to write in school?  These bittersweet memories of passed days of freedom, joy and sunshine... 
Ok, enough with nostalgia. My summer this year was nothing but productive. Maybe I spent more time in my studio than outdoors, but I really like the outcome.
First project I'm done with in june was Route 1
There was some time spent on this sweater when we where traveling in Nor Cal, so it will always remind me of that beautiful landscapes:

Next one was Platinum Ingot, my first top-down cardigan, which I was little bit intimidated of at the beginning, but everything went surprisingly smooth.

 Then I finally started on Bailiwick. For some time I wanted to knit a modern version of traditional Guernsey sweater and this one was a love at first sight. Done in few days, it is immediately became one of my very favorite items.

Next project in my queue was Brooklyn Tweed's (Carol Feller's, to be absolutely accurate) Pente. Neither my husband nor my best friend weren't excited about this design at first, but when they saw the finished cardigan, they liked it! (Or were too polite to tell the bitter truth, haha). Anyway, I adore it and had so much fun knitting it.

Then I started to focus on my own designs and there was three of them I made back to back:

And it seems like designing the sweaters is my thing! I really enjoying this process, so I hope there will be more :).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Matryoshka (Russian Doll)

 A little bit of my heritage appreciation. As many Russian children I had a Matryoshka Doll when I was a little girl. I adored everything about it: bright colored shawl (platok), floral dress (sarafan) and, of course, the whole family living inside of little wooden matriarch. 
Eventually, I decided to put this doll on the front of my new oversized hi-low sweater. But instead of the sarafan, I dressed her in norwegian sweater. Winter is coming, you know! 
I think this pullover will make people smile. It made me for sure!

Pattern available on Ravelry, Craftsy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rainbow socks

Ironically, the only item I made especially for San Diego County Fair knitting competition, haven't got any prizes. Nevertheless, they are my favorite socks so far.
That is the second pair I made, using this genius, by any means, pattern: Exotic Whirlpool by Natalia Vasilieva. This socks knitted flat and grafted afterwards, thats why you need just one afternoon to make them. Great Christmas present idea for busy knitters, I would say.
For the project I choose Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. Well, I have mixed feelings about this yarn. It is heavenly soft, has beautiful vibrant colors and great yardage. On the other hand, I found frequent spots of unevenly spun yarn and in the middle of on ball there was a knot and after this break, sections of colors went in opposite direction. Bummer! I had to rewind half of the ball by hands and carefully adjust the color repetition. Yarn also doesn't frog nicely. Similar to Lopi, it is breaking easily when you are trying to unravel it.
But I am very happy with this socks. They came out so cute and funny!

First attempt was to name them "Out and proud", but since there is nothing to do with me, I decided against this name)). 

Monday, August 11, 2014


My husband and I both enjoying the birdwatching. We put some feeders and baths in our back yard and now watching birds making use of all this attractions.
One of them we were able to recognize was Plumbeous Vireo: small sparrow-like bird.

Although it is not most exotic-looking bird, it captured my attention because of elegant coloring of it's feathers. I was inspired by sophisticated combination of white chest and grey wings and back.
So here is my newest design: Vireo.

It features white cabled panels on front and back and grey horizontal ribbed sleeves and sides. This combination of colors and textures helps to create slimmer silhouette, flattering any figure.

Pattern for this design available on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Berocco blog

Few weeks ago I've got a message from Ashley Palumbo, social media director of Berroco. She asked me to answer some questions about my Gray Dolman Pullover and about me (oh, my!). Well, I did answer them and I was very excited to see a post from August 1st at about your humble servant's design.

Monday, August 4, 2014


   Some time ago I found this beautiful yarn: Bamboo Ewe by Debbie Stoller. Really nice mix of wool and bamboo with wonderful sheen looks luxurious and inspirational (especially for the price!).
   It took about two years before I decided on project for this yarn. Non of designs I found were good enough and, eventually, Glenelly has come to life.

   Aran weight called for... arans, duh! And blue color and shine reminded me of water, of river. River it is, said I, and christened the project Glenelly, after Irish river.

   I always find very attractive combination of raglan sleeves, oversize fit and cables. And my project features all of the above.
   For back and sleeves I choose textured pattern, because it makes the perfect canvas for cables. This pattern looks like seed stitch, but all the RS rows are knitted, which makes it easier to knit for me as a combined continental knitter.

   I made this design in 4 sizes: XS/S, M, L, XL and you can find it on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy. Enjoy!