Sunday, August 23, 2015

Crossed Right-Slanting Decrease

If you ever tried to do some lace knitting, using the Japanese lace patterns, you have probably noticed that their designers have a particular love for twisted stitch. Straight lines of twisted stitch columns make every lace pattern so refined.

And sometimes those twisted stitch columns need to change direction! So we need to find a way to make a nice Right- and Left-Slanting decreases, which are continue the pretty twisted stitch pattern.

For the Crossed Left-Slanting Decrease we need to use a simple and straightforward k2tog tbl:
just knit two stitches together but through back loop and you will see how the stitch leans and twists in right direction.

The Crossed Right-Slanting Stitch Decrease is a tad more complicated. I found this description of supposedly matching the k2tod tbl decrease here, but found it not entirely "matching". The thing is that this way your crossed stitch will twist counter-clockwise, when the ktbl is twisted clockwise. So in my own Crossed Right-Slanting Stitch Decrease instruction I found a way to eliminate this un-evenness and make all stitches twist in right direction.

That's how we do it:

1. Slip first stitch purl-wise.
2. Slip second stitch purl-wise through back loop.
3. Return both stitches to left needle.
4. Knit these two stitches together through front loop (as for k2tog).
5. Voila! Now we have Right-Slanting Decrease, twisted clock-wise and matching ktbl of previous and following rows.


  1. If you could clarify this for me --- in photo #4, it looks as though the 2 slipped stitches are knit together through the FRONT loops, but the written directions say they are to be knit through the BACK loops. Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, they are knitted through front loops, thanks for noticing!